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Pop-up Theatre Experience

Bandwidth's Pop-up Theatre literally takes the cinema to the community complete with food and beverage concessions. We bring Indigenous and mainstream ‘first-run’ feature films to First Nation communities across North America and exhibit them theatrically utilizing the latest professional 4K projection technology on a 35 foot wide screen, and 5.1 Digital Dolby Surround Sound giving audiences an entertainment experience previously unavailable to them. Bandwidth also does 3D with no additional equipment required.

We can pop up our theatres within a matter of hours in any high ceiling venue or recreation space such as a gym or arena. Fair weather months allow for outdoor events

Our 'theatre in a box' is complete with drapery to baffle sound and remove extraneous light sources, thereby creating a true movie theatre atmosphere

Bandwidth manages all the concessions providing fresh popcorn, drinks, and candy as well as healthier alternatives like juice, granola bars and yogurt.

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